Big Sean - I Decided (Review)

Detroit rapper Big Sean has taken a tumultuous path to the top. Being signed to G.O.O.D Music it was never a good idea to start beef with Kanye before you'd even dropped an album. However, they stuck with him because Kanye has always said he believes heavily in Sean. Sean's first album, Finally Famous, was absolutely terrible. The flows were outdated, the pop music was outdated, it was poorly produced and the rapping was awful. Big Sean had to follow this up with a smash hit. Unfortunately, he fell flat again with Hall of Fame having some high points but songs like 10 2 10 and MILF are arguably some of the worst songs I've ever heard, and that's not over exaggerating at all. Dark SKy Paradise was surprisingly quite the solid project, I really enjoyed it, it was darker than any previous project and Sean was really spitting on some of the tracks, the production was excellent for the most part. So, could he follow that up with another smash?

The short answer is yes, I really enjoyed this project. I was actually really hyped for it following th singles, with Bounce Back and Moves being stellar singles. Especially Bounce Back, it's the perfect retaliation to haters calling out all of your L's, it's also got an excellent beat to it an it really utilises this to it's advantage as Big Sean spits over it with an unmatchable flow. That's something that is evident on the whole with this album, Big Sean has switched up his flow and his sound massively. But I don't think this was a tactical move, I think that with Dark Sky Paradise and I Decided Big Sean has finally been let go of label constraints and is allowed to make the music that he's been wanting to make this whole time instead of his previous pop album and Juicy J rip off. There's even an Eminem feature on this album, and it's arguably one of Eminems worst verses of all time, as he basically lists things that rhyme. Seriously, it's hilariously bad. I would have never expected, going into this album, Eminem to have been bodied on this track by Big Sean, I don't think anyone could have predicted that to be honest.

The problem with Big Sean is that certain line son his records are so unbelievably whack that you genuinely burst out laughing whilst listening to it, which I don't think he intended to happen at all.  Like the line on moves "I take the work and flip it... Acrobatic". It's just so painfully annoying that Big Sean reverts to using such corny punchlines in his work because he's got a good talent for making songs to turn up to, but most of the times he's just making songs for 14 year old white girls. This album was a step down from DSP, not massively, but this was still a step in the wrong direction unfortunately.