Tiny Hueman - Shallow (EP Review)

Tiny Hueman are an alt-rock duo from America. This is only their second EP, after Brittle Bones which serves as a demo/ testing of their talents. Essentially, at this point you would be expecting an artist to be searching for their sound and whilst sonically this EP does vary, it is very much all the same band and that is very evident throughout. What immediately strikes me about this project is how professionally crafted it is. The sound is wholesome and so silky smooth, if you stumbled across Tiny Hueman you would not think that this is a band in its infancy. For example, on the track that kicks off this project, The Mann, the bass is so iridescently wonderful on this track, I could listen to just the bass on this track for hours. But woven into this is the incredible singing talent on offer within this project, you will leave this EP never feeling left short on vocal capabilities and the simple uniqueness. One grind I do have with the track The Mann is that the extended instrumental towards the final third of the song does drag on for too long, if this were cut down then this would be a 10/10 track for me.

Sonically, this EP is incredibly cohesive. The flow of the tracks and the way they combine together is an incredible talent. Which brings me on to the production on this EP. And that is something which I love the most. Young, unsigned bands will typically have either over the top vocals or music, yet you can evidently tell the amount of time and effort that has gone in to the writing and producing of this EP. Which coincides with the fact that I want to emphasise, these talented two are only on their second EP, imagine what can be achieved with another 5 years and enough funding to build a debut album. I can only imagine what world domination these two are going to achieve.
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Some vibes I get from this EP are very Royal Blood, with the echoey, eery vocals from the lead singer and a very consistent drum with very heavy guitars kicking in towards the bridge and the chorus. So if you're a fan of Royal Blood definitely go and check this project out! None so is this more evident than on the track Lost in Translation which has some very, eclectic and damning electric guitars running through the track like a powerful shock wave. The first single from the EP is the very beautiful, slow ballad Kate. This is the story of a relationship that is ending and it's very lyrically powerful and very relateable. The cries of "I've not helped" bring through such raw emotion that is expertly transcribed from the singer to the listener. I thoroughly enjoyed this EP and I definitely would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Royal Blood or Kings of Leons Mechanical Bull album.


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