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Introducing... Tiny Hueman

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I get contacted by bands most days, and for the most part I will listen to their music. But every now and then I'll find an artist I really like such as Tiny Giant, Proserpine & Craig Olsen. However, Tiny Hueman are by far and away the best that have ever contacted me. At time of writing their EP has not yet been released, but I can confirm that it is solid gold because I got to hear it early. Their inspirations are very evident within bands such as Royal Blood and the musical elements of Kings of Leon. I got the chance to talk to the duo about their upcoming EP, Shallow:

Question. How did you guys get into music?
I've been jamming with friends since the 6th grade, I initially played the drums but switched to guitar at about age 15. Music has always been my number one passion. I grew up listening to all the music I could get my hands on, regardless of the genre.
Richie: I started played cello in fourth grade, and then shortly after I picked up a guitar and never left my room with it. I used to also sing a lot while mowing the lawn.

Q. Who's your biggest musical influence?
The Beatles have been my number one forever, but I'm a huge fan of bands like Kings of Leon, Paramore, CHON, and many more.
R: I love Soul Coughing, the Dead, and a bunch of 90's punk bands. I also love Gill Scott, and Curtis Mayfield; I'm all over the map.

Q. What's the story behind the new EP?
Tiny Hueman:
We spent a lot more time jamming together after we put out our first demo (that we recorded in the Basement), and decided to take this band more seriously. This EP was about the two of us coming together and learning to compromise, and ultimately being able to put out a final product.

Q. How excited are you guys to release the EP?
I'm really excited to finally put it out there and see what people think of it. I'm also excited about the new stuff we're already writing too; there's a lot to be accomplished.
R: Super excited! But more excited for shows and new projects.

Q. What was the biggest hinderance whilst making the EP?
D: Amen.

Q. How do you feel this EP is different from your first one?
For one, it wasn't recorded in a small basement with a dog barking upstairs during vocals takes. We were really excited to work with Kyle Pulley at The Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, and the space there was really amazing. Having a third party to help guide us and engineering the process was a great experience. It was mastered by Ryan Schwabe, who did a wonderful job making the final product as loud and powerful as possible. I think the quality really stands out on this new EP in comparison to the first demo we had self recorded.
Tiny Human, EP2, EP review, review, track review, kate, Tiny Hueman, America, alt-rock, rock, indie, alternative, kol, duo, philadelphia, introducing, philly, interview, band

Q. Is it going to be on Spotify?
Yes! And iTunes, and SoundCloud, and YouTube, and everywhere else!

Q. What artists/albums have you been listening to lately?
I've been listening to a lot of Kanye, CHON, Cold War Kids, Hop Along, Thin Lips, Bastille, and some others. I've also been digging the new Paramore record.
R: I've been listening to Smashing Pumpkins, Mo Lowda and the Humble, Mad Squablz, and more Soul Coughing.

Q. When you go into the studio do you have a pre-conceived idea of what you're about to create?
 The songs were mainly written before entering the studio, but there was definitely a fair amount of in studio improvisation too. We took what we had in our heads and what we had demoed at home, and let everything flow out in the studio.
R: We just go in there with raw meat and try to cook it up. 

Q. If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?
That's a tough one. Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Lorde, Kanye, John Mayer, or so many others.
R: Right now I want to collaborate with friends. I feel like it's never what you expect meeting your idols.

Q. What's the best thing about being a part of Tiny Hueman?
It gives me an outlet to create and share with the world.
R: I have a hard time keeping a schedule, and this has helped big time. Making time for something I enjoy makes my life easier.

Q. What's the ultimate goal for you guys?
World Domination

Q. How would you describe the new EP?
Powerful, diverse, melodic.
R: A good start.

Q. After the release of the EP, what's next?
 We are playing at this awesome venue, The Barbary, in our hometown Philly on July 7th which will be an amazing time. Other than that we're focusing on writing new songs, playing a select few incredible gigs, and building our brand.

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