Introducing... Glory Fades

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Glory Fades are an alternative rock band from Wolverhampton, despite being very time poor they have found the time to craft a brand new EP, Late in the Day, and it's very good. There's clearly some heavier influences with the song Message being my personal favourite on the EP, there's a plethora of influences on this EP and if you're looking for some very grungy, underground alt-rock then I'd definitely recommend checking out their new EP!

Question. The EP has been out a few weeks now, how do you guys feel about that?
Glory Fades:
We are excited. Its been a long time coming so its great to have our tracks out there.

Q.Do you get nervous or excited before release?
It was our first release and we are/have been very excited. No nerves about the release at all

Q. Which musician would you say was the biggest influence on the EP?
I'm not sure really, as a band we all have different influences and listen to a lot of different music. No one/ band in particular has influenced it more than the other

Q. What's the meaning behind the title of the EP (Late in the Day)?
We found naming the EP really tough. Firstly we thought it sounded good. It made a lot of sense as this is something we have all wanted to do for a long time and finally accomplished it. We aren't kids anymore so felt like it was a long time coming! 

Q. How would you describe the EP?
That's tough, we'll leave that to you or anyone listening to it!

Q. What was the biggest hinderance of making an EP?
The biggest hinderance is probably time and money. We all have jobs, families and general commitments which make it tough to get enough time all together to get the ep recorded. Its not cheap making a record

Q. What's the best thing about being a part of Glory Days?
The best thing is probably getting to hang out with great mates doing something we love.

Q. What artists/albums are you listening to the most lately?
Across the band we are listening to lots of different music, Thrice and Brand New are generally always being listened to. The Front Bottoms, Microwave, Jimmy Eat Word, stuff like that

Q. What are your live shows like?
Rare! we have only got a few under our belts to date but we are keen to start gigging more frequently. 

Q. What's your favourite live show?
Favourite live show is tough, Everyone has different favourites, We all love festivals in general Festivals is a big aim for the band.

Q. Which song do you wish you'd written, and why?
Limousine by Brand New. Its simply just an amazing track!

Q. Now the EP has been released, what's next for the band?
We are currently booking some gigs in and trying to get our music heard. We have also started writing tracks for the next EP. Wr are hoping to start recording it before the end of the year.

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