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Introducing... Craig Olsen

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For the first time on Introducing... we have a DJ, and an incredibly talented one at that. When Craig Olsen isn't working full time as a chef, he's crafting some very imaginative and eclectic beats that create an atmosphere and produce a wide array of colours in you mind, that's what always makes a DJ special. And to think this is only part time work is absolutely astonishing! His latest EP, Electronic Collision, is one of my favourites this year, with it's very psychadelic undertones, humongous basslines and expert production. Luckily, I had the chance to chat with the creator himself, here's what he had to say...

Question. Firstly, what made you first get into music? 
Craig Olsen: Music has always had a way of pulling me in. Ever since an early i age, I would be drawn in by music. I started collecting vinyl when I was 10 or so.

Q. how's the reaction been to you new EP? 
CO: So far, so good! It is gaining some new exposure and listeners and that always helps!

Q. What was it like finally releasing Electronic Collision? 
CO: It was exciting and a relief at the same time. It always interesting to see what you come up with out of nothing. Who really knows why we make what we do!

Q. How long did it take to make? 
CO: 6 months..1 track a month.

Q. Who was your biggest musical influence on the EP? 
CO: Since I have a huge eclectic taste in is hard to say. I will note that this was inspired by the house music of the early 90's with mixing some of the more current sounds.

Q. Biggest non-musical? 
CO: Painters and photographers that can see something and capture a completely different view for others to enjoy.

Q. What was the biggest hinderance whilst making the EP? 
CO: always the biggest challenge for me. With a full time exec. Chef position..time is the one part that I need to manipulate in a big way.

Q. Which song do you wish you'd produced/written? 
CO: Of another artist? I have never really thought of it.. to capture the simplicity of a Beatles song or the contrast in lithium by nirvana would be fun to try to emulate.

Q. Your favourite song on the EP? 
CO: I like all of them for different reasons.. but I will say that I can listen to space guardian on repeat...very easily!

Q. What music are you listening to at the moment? 
CO: With an eclectic taste in music..and having Sirius radio..I listen to the 50's- 00's, pop,country,rap/hip-hop,alternative,all types of dance music...I try to see what the artists of all genres and generations did and are doing see what I can gain from learning by listening to their work.

Q. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be, Living or deceased? 
CO: I would pick Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys and John Lennon. I would think and hope that the info that I would pick up from working with either of them would be timeless knowledge to approaching music. I would make a dance track with those influences.

Q. What's next for you after this EP?
CO: I've done some promotions for this current EP...and now I'm learning some new techniques for the next 6 tracks. I will start on the next 6 track EP which will be out sometime this October. I'm looking to make some tracks that are always evolving from previous tracks..but still keeping a similar feel. Looking forward to seeing what I come up with and getting out to the listeners!

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