Chainsmokers - Memories... Do Not Open (Review)

Chainsmoker's are a DJ duo who have taken the charts by storm with their generic contemporary dance with pop and R&B influences, there's nothing particularly special to their releases o far other than something you would hear at a school disco and everyone would be sliding on their knees to it. Kids now will look back on music like The Chainsmokers like we look back on Flo Rida and cringe, but when you're drunk in a club you can't help but jump around.  One of the songs here, Break Up Every Night, honestly sounds like it was written by a 7 year old who has just had his first love and thinks he's cool when he drops the word fuck into a sentence. The problem is, there's nothing all that special with the beats on this album, there's nothing here that your average DJ couldn't do, it's honestly like listening to a 2008 David Guetta album if he decided to write one for 8 year olds.

To be honest, the song with Coldplay isn't all that bad, it's about being realistic when you're looking for love instead of setting your sights too high and forever being disappointed. This song is only half decent because it sounds like a throwaway from Coldplay's last album, A Head Full of Dreams (Which I reviewed), and that seems to be a common theme throughout this album, I'm constantly thinking to myself what makes a Chainsmokers track, a Chainsmokers track? There's just nothing all that special about them at all. A lot of the songs follow a generic chart-busting dance track with there being slow beats and equally slow singing over it and then the song kicks into a chorus. I feel that there's some sort of promise for them here but it's not on this album. Avoid.