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Introducing... The Real Cool

The Real Cool are a band from Birmingham, UK. They've developed quite the following since their formation, and I knew as soon as I heard BLINDS that this band were going to be special one day. Even though they are yet to release an album, they have already found the perfect sound for them, with brilliant synth-pop, very much like The 1975's second studio album. I was instantaneously a fan of these guys so I had to get them to feature on this series. Luckily I had the chance to talk to Tom, Jacob and Ellis about their favourite song, their unique name and what they wish they had written.

Q. The Real Cool is a very unique name, where did it come from?
Tom: The name was a product of conversation. It was a late night debate, reflecting on life and life choices. We got on to the topic of how interesting it is that everyone has a different view of what is cool to wear and listen to. Then we began to question, like what is the real cool? And this band is us trying to find our real cool.

Q. Who's your biggest musical influence?
Tom: John Mayer is my favourite. He's really shaped the way I think about song writing. Although I'm also pretty nostalgic, I love listening to the music of the 80s and 90s
Jacob: The 1975 because of the hybrid approach to drums and their ability to delve into different styles seamlessly.
Ellis: Jack Garratt. He delivers a huge sound using samples and triggers. And also Jess Glynn as I'm a sucker for a sweet melody.

Q. What got you guys into music?
Tom: Music was a big part of growing up to me. Mom and dad always listening to a diverse collection at home. Ever since I was able to learn to play, I've been trying to create the soundtrack to my life.
Jacob: Tom needed a drummer. So I've been hooked into this from an early age haha.
Ellis: Its always been a big part of my life too. Studying music production changed the game for me.

Q. Who's your biggest musical inspiration, alive or dead, and why?
Tom: Still Mayer for me. Also MJ as he is the pop maestro.
Jacob: Drake. 
Ellis: Phill Collins for me.

Q. What song do you wish you'd written and why?
Tom: 4EVER - LANY. Simple, sweet pop track.
Jacob: Roses are red - The Mac Band. Simple song with a killer groove. 
Ellis: Sex by The 1975. Industrial production with drive.

Q. Your fan base is growing phenomenally, what does that feel like?
Tom: Its insane. We love our fans. They mean the world to us.
Jacob: Overwhelming. We wrote these songs in our bedrooms.

Q. People have likened your music to Lany and The 1975, is that something you want to avoid or do you embrace the comparisons?
Tom: We really appreciate any feedback. We want to be associated with good music.

Q. There hasn't been a massively famous Birmingham band in ages, is it time for you guys to put it back on the map?
Tom: We just want to do our thing. The more people we can reach out to who enjoy listening to our music the better.
Jacob: let's see what happens.
Ellis: we're just gonna keep working hard.

Q. When you guys get in the studio, is there a specific sound you have in mind or do you just let it flow?
Tom: I'll already have the song written by the time we get to the studio. I build the whole song around the hook. 
Jacob: We are massively prepared before we get into the studio and then it's just a case of growing the song.
Ellis: Pre productions is done on MacBooks and passed around. The magic happens when we get into the studio.

Q. You're consistently retweeting your fans, how important is that engagement to you guys?
Tom: We want to show them that we really appreciate their support.
Jacob: The connection with our fans is so important to us.
Ellis: this is about us and them.

Q. A lot of your music just gives off summer vibes, is that intended?
Tom: I live for the summer.
Jacob: we're from a suburban area on the outskirts of a big city. We bring the positive vibes.

Q. Your song Way Back is getting so much love, is it your favourite song by yourselves or is it another one?
Tom: Its a personal favourite of mine. That song means a lot to me.
Jacob: It's a simple, heartbreak pop song. I'm glad people like it.
Ellis: This song enraptures our sound. But BLINDS though

Q. Are there any plans for a Big tour soon?
Tom: we're planning things.
Ellis: Were working on it.

Q. The Way Back EP isn't very old, but what's next for the band?
Tom: More music, more shows. We love this band.
Jacob: We want as many people as possible to hear this EP. Working on a dream.
Ellis: We're just gonna keep producing music and play everywhere!

For Fans of: The 1975, LANY, The Wombats, The Neighbourhood

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