Introducing... No Hot Ashes

With so many sounds intertwined into one band such as raucous rock, hip-hop undertones and indie dance. It's safe to say that No Hot Ashes have carved their own sound in a very dense market. With an amazing reputation for their live shows, it's easy to see why they have amassed a strong following since the birth of the band a few years ago. Not to mention they have some catchy tunes, utilising getting drunk, politics and having a good time. I still can't get the song Goose out of my head. I had the chance to talk to the boys from Stockport about their origins, their influences and much more:

Q. Who's Your biggest musical influence?

No Hot Ashes: Collectively, Red Hot Chili Peppers have been a big influence to us all as musicians. 4 of the most incredible musicians on the planet and a band who who’s style of danceable & funky guitar music style we have tried to implement in our own music.

Q. What's your favourite gig?
NHA: Our favourite gig to date would have to be our first headline show in Manchester at what used to be called “Kraak Gallery” it was our first headline and we sold out very quickly. Crowd was mental.

Q. Where did the name No Hot Ashes come from?

NHA: Very unimaginative but have a look on the lid of your wheelie bins.

Q. What albums/artists are you enjoying right now?
NHA: Loyle Carner, The Blinders, Easy Life. They are all making cool sounds.

Q. What's your recording/writing process like?
NHA: Our song-writing process hasn’t really changed that much since we started the band. Initially Isaac or Luigi will come up with a chord sequence or melody or a hook and they`ll both form the spine of the song, that then gets recorded very roughly in Isaacs bedroom studio and Matt/Jack will then pick up the idea in full band rehearsals and form the rhythm section of the song. That’s the point when all 4 of us will write together to complete the song & Isaac will write lyrics. In the studio, again it has been pretty consistent since we started out. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals. We have always recorded in that order and then we usually spend an extra day purely on fine tuning things and experimenting with other instruments & sounds as well as adding bits in.

Q. Goose is your most famous song to date, is that song just that bit more special for you?
“Goose” really got us noticed but weirdly only in the past year even though we released it in 2014 so it was pretty strange when it started to pick up so much attention nearly 2 years after its release! All of our songs mean different things to us and throw us back to a certain time being in the band but “Goose” has been a rock of a song and we have never took it out of the set. Its usually the closer of our sets and especially at Manchester gigs the crowds seem to go mental.

Q. Your singles have very abstract cover art, how did they come about?
A good friend of the band called Florence Burns is behind all of our artwork for singles and promotion. She is very talented and we think really makes our brand as a band unique with her artwork. Go check her out on twitter @florensbur.

Q. What do you want people to feel/think when listening to your music?
We just want them to dance! Our aim has always been to make people feel happy and dance to our music. There is nothing better than playing to a crowd of people and making them forget about everything and just dance.

Q. What's next for the band and when can we expect more music?
We’ve got a busy gig schedule for the next few months including a few festivals such as Isle Of Wight, Tramlines, Blackthorn Festival & more to be announced. More music can definitely be expected in 2017. We are currently working on new material and hope to get back into the studio very soon.

Q. And finally, Ever think about buying more expensive Chardonnay?
Never, we are too skint. Someone sign us so we can afford the expensive stuff.

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