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Let's Talk About David Bowie...

Recently I've been back from university for Easter, and on a trip out the other day my parents said that they would buy me a record as a treat. I agonised over the decision for so long, looking through all of the releases at least twice, making a mental list of all the things that took my fancy. Eventually I ended up picking out the latest David Bowie collection titled Legacy. I'm not a humongous fan of posthumous releases but this one caught my eye. Mainly due to the fact that the track list on the back of it contained an incredible variety of Bowie songs ranging from Golden Years to Lazarus to Fame. It's not even the longest greatest hits but I think it encapsulates everything Bowie was about. He took the Zeitgeist and turned that into a norm, he took his wildest ideas and made fantastic music out of it.

This brings me on to the phenomenal discography of the man himself, no two albums are exactly the same and he never specifically followed one sound. The course of his m…

Record Store Day 2017 Haul

It's that time of the year again, the day we all queue for hours for overpriced records because we don't want to buy them even dearer on ebay. All jokes aside, I love RSD. I think it's a great day that celebrates music, music lovers and, of course, record stores. Many critics say that we should celebrate everyday and not just today, but you can't get an exclusive Bowie live album everyday, can you? And your local record store won't be celebrating with live bands or discounts on standard releases everyday. The first shop I went to this year was Ignite Records inside Oasis in the centre of Birmingham, this is a great little record store, with a friendly owner and a fantastic variety of records. Here is what I got there...

Bastille - Comfort of Strangers (Ltd. to 1000)
Bastille are one of my favourite bands out there at the moment, their 2016 album 'Wild World' was one of my favourite releases of the past year. It was a great mixture of pop and, in places, con…

Record Store Day 2017: Must-Haves

Andre 3000 - All Together Now
This cover of a Beatles song was originally only ever available for download because it was part of an old Nike commercial. However, its now available for your purchase on RSD. It's smooth, melodic and I recommend picking this up on wax.

Banks & Steelz (Feat. Florence Welch) - Wild Season
Florence Welch, of Florence & The Machine fame, is one of the most talented singers of this century. Anything she puts her name to I'm very likely to pick up. So when I saw this on the list I knew I was going to pick it up, especially with Wu-Tang Clans RZA attaching his name. Dreamlike.

Bastille - Comfort of Strangers
I remember picking up Bastille's phenomenal Hangin' 7" on RSD last year, so this is a must have this Record Store Day. It contains a previously unreleased song which I'm more than excited to listen to and the track Warmth (Live) on the B-Side.

Blossoms - Blossoms
Blossoms are a band I've only got into recently, but their d…