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My Vinyl Collection: Part 4

And we move into Part 4 where we are still firmly lodged in the B's, and if you haven't read Part 3 then I suggest you do (Especially if you're a Beatles fan). So carry on reading and enjoy looking through My Vinyl Collection

The Beatles - 1962-1966
I picked this up in Holland because it was only 12 euros and this is an absolutely definitive collection of Beatles songs, not to mention the price at which I got it is an amazing steal. Plus I love the voer of the band looking down what appears to be a stairwell, it's just synonymous with the band looking down on their competition (Yes, I vote Beatles over Rolling Stones everytime when that age old debate comes up).

I think the black and white photo of the band with loads of children pering through railings is a weird photo indeed. Anyway, the pressing is somewhat mediocre, sometimes the songs sound a little bit off which is a stark contrast to the individual albums that I have. This makes it probably my least played Beatles record but it's still a pretty cool selection of songs to have on vinyl.

Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
When this album was released I loved it, and although I will still claim it's a brilliant album I have to say I haven't listened to it in so long and I just feel no desire to listen to it anymore, main;y due to it sounding outdated. I do love that the cover is different to the CD and Digital packaging but on the other hand I think the CD packaging is way better. However, this cover goes hand-in-hand with...

...The stunning white vinyl that is pressed on, I have to say that white vinyl is my guilty pleasure as it always looks so clean and crisp and I am just more inclined to buy an album on vinyl if it is printed on white vinyl. It's quite annoying that this album comes with two records and only one sleeve though, I have to say that in this day and age of vinyl being more competitive because it's all so expensive then not making it gatefold makes me want to avoid it more.

Big Sean - Finally Famous
Big Sean's first album is definitely his worst album out of the studio ones he has released. However, I picked this album up in Holland, brand new, for only 10 euros whihc is an absolute bargain for this record and there are some jams on here like Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay and Dance A$$.

The album isn't gatefold which is annoying but because I only paid so little for it, it does not bother me that much. Not to mention that I can't really comment on the pressing of the album because I've only ever listened to the Intro and never anything else, which maybe just proves that I bought this on price and not quality, but hey it's nice to have in the collection.

Bob Marley - Legend
I'm not going to claim that I'm any sort of Bob Marley fan, I'm not that person although there are some classic jams on here such as 3 little birds, and it does suit the vinyl sound really well. The iconic album cover looks really cool aswell, not to mention this is a first pressing because my Mum gave me it out of her collection from when she was younger because she doesn't really listen to music, let alone Vinyl, anymore.

The inside of the gatefold is extremely cool, with a collage of pictures and items that jsut mash together into this predominant green, yellow and red picture. The side of the right hand sleeve also contains a few stories about the records and then the music notes, which makes for a good read whilst listening to the album.


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