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My Vinyl Collection: Part 6

We're steaming through my record collection at this point, I hope that you've had a look at all my other posts to see what other records I have and as always I'd love to hear about your collection through my Twitter (@KMMReviews) or in the comments below.

Coldplay - X&Y
Coldplay X&Y is one of my favourite albums by them, Speed of Sound is the first time I was introduced to the band by my Dad. That song absolutely blew me away, I love the structure of that song and just the way it feels like an arena song. It's simply perfection. And then songs like Fix You, one of the most beautiful songs ever and the song Talk which is just absolutely fantastic. This is arguably my favourite Coldplay album and it comes in a really nice slipcase for the record, it feels so well made.

The inside of the gatefold is some sort of equalizer/music board, it looks pretty cool and then you just look away and forget about it, Another thing that astounds me about this record is the weigh…

My Vinyl Collection: Part 5

We are finally onto Part 5, in this part we will carry on with the B's. If you havent seen any of the other 4 parts then definitely go and check these out through the other links! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Brother Ali - Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color
I have to admit that I've never really delved into Brother Ali's music with the exception of this album, I don't know why I never have because this album is brilliant in my opinion. Also, the cover has potential to be iconic, if only he was a more famous rapper.

This album is on beautiful splattered vinyl of red and blue. I think the vinyl looks absolutely amazing and it is really a must buy if you are into Brother Ali's music. Not to mention that the pressing is amazing as well.

The record also comes with this really cool poster, which I won't put up anywhere because it doesn't really fit my room, but in the right room this could be a really cool asset. I picked this up before vinyl started to get pop…

Record Store Day 2016 Haul

So, April 16th finally rolled around. The makeshift Christmas day for record collectors, I have never been to one before so I was understandably incredibly excited. My alarm went off at 8 and me and my Girlfriend started to get ready as we left just before 9. Now, being lucky enough to reside in Birmingham whilst at University I had the choice of 2 record stores to go to, my Girlfriend had the great idea of splitting up so as to get the best chance of buying what I wanted. I went to Swordfish records which opened at 9:30 and she went off to Ignite records which opened at 10.
Swordfish Records
So I rocked up to the queue of about 20-30 people outside, all obviously very excited at what could possibly be inside the store. There was a certain essence of magic at seeing these people of all ages almost bouncing with ecstasy (and coldness) at the thought of picking up whatever was on their personal lists. I had a few interesting conversations in the queue about things like the Doctor Who ex…

My Vinyl Collection: Part 4

And we move into Part 4 where we are still firmly lodged in the B's, and if you haven't read Part 3 then I suggest you do (Especially if you're a Beatles fan). So carry on reading and enjoy looking through My Vinyl Collection

The Beatles - 1962-1966 I picked this up in Holland because it was only 12 euros and this is an absolutely definitive collection of Beatles songs, not to mention the price at which I got it is an amazing steal. Plus I love the voer of the band looking down what appears to be a stairwell, it's just synonymous with the band looking down on their competition (Yes, I vote Beatles over Rolling Stones everytime when that age old debate comes up).
I think the black and white photo of the band with loads of children pering through railings is a weird photo indeed. Anyway, the pressing is somewhat mediocre, sometimes the songs sound a little bit off which is a stark contrast to the individual albums that I have. This makes it probably my least played Beatl…