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My Vinyl Collection: Part 1

I've been collecting records for years now, roughly since I was about 14/15. Since this time I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on records, I would never hazard a guess because I think my wallet would probably start crying. But, I have all these records here in my amazing record box and I see no point in not showing them off here as, let's be honest, records truly are works of art as they are so beautiful with their big, bold cover arts and crisp sound on good players. They truly are unmatched in terms of collections and quality. Shout out to The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe for giving me the idea to do this, So let's begin with the A's.

Aerosmith - Pump This album is one of the greatest debuts ever, possibly one of THE greatest albums ever. It is a perfect representation of everything that was right with rock in the 80's with excellent songs like Love in An Elevator, Young Lust and Janie's Got A Gun. This is the original pressing of the album as w…

Kendrick Lamar - Untitled, Unmastered (Review)

Kendrick Lamar is undoubtedly the greatest rapper out there, his last album To Pimp A Butterfly was probably the most critically adored album in years. One thing about Kendrick is not only is he uninfluenced by other rappers but he is also marking his place in the rap hall of fame already, and he's only been widely known a few years. Kendrick is therefore, one of my favourite rappers out right now as well as you may well know from my 20-11 and 10-1 lists of my favourite songs from the Compton rapper. I think what has always astounded me most about Kendrick is his ability too match his flow to different styles of beats and his astounding lyricism. He, without a doubt, has the ability to become a Hip-Hop legend and it he is more than worthy. So, when it was announced a mere 24 hours before it's release I loaded up the performances from the Grammy's and the Colbert report and watched those genuinely brilliant live shows of 2 of the Untitled songs it got me excited to finally…

Tame Impala - Currents (Review)

Tame Impala, the Australian Synth-Pop-Rock band, bounced onto the scene with their critically varied first album, Innerspeaker. I personally thought they showed alot of potential on the album but vary rarely provided any notion that they had their own sound and style. In the words of TheNeedleDrop 'They sounded like a Beatles cover band'. Kevin Parker took alot of time to work on their follow up album, the astounding Lonerism. Wherein they really found that niche sound that they created in parts throughout Innerpseaker. What Kevin really utilised on Lonerism was the synth-y guitars that became pretty much synonymous with the album. So when it was announced that on this third album Tame Impala would be limiting the use of the guitars for a more well-rounded electro sound their fans were understandably dismayed and disappointed at the thought. It may be due to this reason that commercially this album received a mixed reaction from the public but an outstanding reaction from rev…

Top 20 Kendrick Lamar Songs: 10-1

Before you read through my top 10 Kendrick songs I recommend that you go and read my 20-11. Kendrick has undoubtedly paved the way for himself to become a rap legend and within these amazing albums of his are some truly amazing tracks. As ever, this list will only include studio albums and not the recently released Unmastered Untitled because it has been out long enough to judge against those in this list. So to kick us off at number 10:

10. HiiiPower
This is the song that kicked off the TDE movement, it is the start of the whole Black Hippy crews raise to rap stardom. Not only this, but this song started something. People would always put three fingers in the air, so many tattoos were made because of this song. And even after all that it's just a fantastic song. A slow, dreamy cushion of a beat with Kendrick spitting over the top without trying too hard or going at anyone but just trying to push his message across. A strong start to the top 10.
9. Backseat Freestyle
The beat on th…

Top 20 Kendrick Lamar Songs: 20-11

If you don't know Kendrick you're not a music fan, this man right here is already a legend in hip hop, his debut studio album Section 80 wasn't commercially successful but then Good Kid, M.a.a.D. City went platinum in absolutely no time at all and it's only been upwards since then, with To Pimp A Butterfly recently winning rap album of the year at the grammys and deservedly so aswell. Whether you like Kendrick or not you can't deny that he is killing the game right now (We all remember THAT control verse). Anyway, in this list I will only include studio albums, as per, so that involves listing Section 80, Good Kid, M.a.a.d. City and To Pimp A Butterfly, this test was awful to make because I love all three of these equally in their own way. So without further ado, at number 20:

20. How Much A Dollar Cost
This song, like many of Kendricks, has such a strong message that it really makes for a powerful listen. The story of Kendrick at a gas station when a homeless man …

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - This Unruly Mess I've Made (Review)

Macklemore is often ridiculed, I've even seen him called a disgrace once on twitter and the problem is that alot of people don't take the time to actually listen to his projects because they are so caught up on the success of Thrift Shop and the idea of him being a joke rapper that they don't understand the deepness of the man and the project behind that song. Macklemore has dealt with alot of problems ranging from his independent album releases to his problems with addiction and whilst alot of these were dealt with on his excellent first album 'The Heist' there is obviously alot more to talk about as his first project in nearly 4 years is released and is aptly, tongue in cheek titled This Unruly Mess I've Made. Ryan Lewis created some defining beats on The Heist with some of the best beats of the year, Wings had an intense beat that created a dense atmosphere that perfectly matched the song, and you can really see that these two really work well together and …

David Bowie - Blackstar (Review)

First and foremost, Rest in peace to one of the greatest artists to ever grace earth. To constantly and drastically change styles and effectively, at points, genres is an applaudable task as it is but to do it with such ease and so well is quite simply unequivocal.

But, a mere 2 days before Bowie's tragic death he released his final studio album, Blackstar. With the cover emblazoned with one large Blackstar and smaller triangles below it which add up to a Blackstar themselves, simplicity is immediately in your mind going into this record. Being only 7 songs long, without knowing that Bowie was terminally ill when recording it could have been a major problem as to the amount of tracks, but it isn't, we should just be glad that he cares about his fans enough to make this music while he was so ill. The album kicks into gear with the 10 minute long Blackstar, a dark and brooding single in its own right which is much better when listened to with the emotional video in which Bowie c…

The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It (Review)

British boyband The 1975 came banging onto the door of everyone's ears with their first album 'The 1975' which was abit of a mixed bag for me as it contained some great songs and some poor ones and it honestly, just seemed abit flat whe compared to knowing what they can do with songs like Chocolate and Sex but on this new album it's clear they have been set loose to create what album they want to create. Frontman Matt Healy boldly claimed that 'The world needs this album' which obviously isn't true but you have to admire the cockiness of the guy, because the music industry needs that type of thing back in it, all the artists are too happy to sit by and not get anyone's bad side at the minute. The singles that were released prior to the album build up a sound that wouldn't seem out of place on an 80's soundtrack and would probably go well over films like Ferris Buellers Day Off (Someone make the parade scene with 'Love Me' please). These…

Pusha T - King Push (Review)

Pusha T, formerly one half of Clipse, bounces back with his second solo studio album. My Name is My Name received a mixed critical reception upon release. I previously reviewed it here. This outing promised alot more from the GOOD music rapper, with singles more closely related to the traditional hip-hop style specifically of the 90's. The Biggie sampled Untouchable is a strong stab at the game claiming he is obviously one of the greatest out right now and is 'untouchable'. The album is so dark and at times moody it really reflects everything I want King Push to be.

King Push itself is an expression of where Pusha T is aiming to be in the game, becoming one of the best in the game is obviously extremely important. The hounding track M.P.A. takes shots at nearly every rapper in the field at the moment claiming all the other rappers talk about is money, pussy and alcohol which is actually extremely hypocritical considering nearly every Pusha T song contains some sort of lyr…