Wiz Khalifa - Khalifa (Review)

The Philadelphia rapper is back for another jab at making a hit studio album after his sales have slowly declined since the incredibly famous Rolling Papers which contained the unequalled bangers Black & Yellow and Roll Up, I guarantee everyone knows the words to at least one of them. Khalifa's 5th solo studio album comes at a time where he's starting to fade further into nothingness in terms of popularity within the rap universe. Fresh off an extremely exhilarating Twitter beef with Kanye (Kanye Won just saying) it seems a new album couldn't come at a more marketable time for either of them.

However, this album is quite frankly the worst album I've heard this year so far. There aren't many positives that come along with this album, one has to be the incredibly cute talk with his son at the end of Zoney but unfortunately it's at the end of the song and honestly I won't be listening again. I've always stuck by Wiz, hoping he can make something on the level of Kush & OJ once again, but honestly all of that hope is gone. Blacc Hollywood was the definition of mediocre with some completely unneeded singing segments, this album takes them segments and blows them into whole songs which is just awful on my ear drums. You aren't a singer Wiz, you never will be, leave that to the people who trained to do so. 

Honestly, I don't even know how I made it through this whole project because it was just straight out trash. There is no way I will be listening to any of these songs on this album again with the exception of the pre-released single Bake Sale which oozes swagger and trippiness with an extremely good feature from my man of the moment, Travis $cott, but one song can not save an album. Ultimately, it's the slow ballads that plagued this album for me and it just grounded me down. Stop the singing Wiz, hashtag it.