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Top 25 Kanye Songs: 25-11

With the upcoming release of Waves or whatever Kanye will eventually decide iIve decided to look back over my favourite artists catalogue and found that the list changed with mood but I had to nail down some sort of list. Kanye arguably has one of the greatest catalogues of any artist and certainly most rappers at least have one whack album, but not Kanye! Firstly, this is MY opinion, not fact and secondly No songs off Cruel Summer will be included as it isn't technically a Kanye album. Kicking us off at number 25 is:

25. In Paris

What can I honestly say about this song that hasn't been said already? The verses arent particularly strong, especially Kanye's but this will always come on at the club. I think seeing it live honestly ruined it because when I hear it it just reminds me that I will probably never be able to witness anything as spectacular as these two rapping giants going at it on one stage again. Jay and Ye absolutely killed it live and ultimately, the stereo version is just not the same

24. Black Skinhead

Honestly, when Kanye first performed this song, especially after new slaves, i thought it was abit crazy and very little structure but then as you keep listening you realise that is the point. The drums on this are mental, the screaming is mental, it's just mental.

23. HAM

This probably would be higher albeit for the opera singing at the end which I actually learnt how to edit songs on my computer just to take it off. But the start of this and the verses layed over that beat, makes me feel some kind of way. But honestly, it is one of the weaker Kanye singles.

22. Gone

This wouldn't be the same song without the return of Kanye for that killer final verse, considering it lies at the end of such a long album it does such a good way of standing out, which simply proves how good Late Registration is. Another thing about this song is that the features are on point and Kanye's sample as always is perfect.

21. Hold My Liquor

I actually like Chief Keef on this song and I am not afraid to admit that, unfortunately. But this song absolutely goes in, as soon as Ye brings in that verse you know this is crazy and it fits so perfectly well with Yeezus but manages to stand out from tracks such as Guilt Trip.

20. Love Lockdown

The first song on the list from 808's, I love this album but I find it hard to pick out singular tracks, It's one of those albums that you have to sit down and listen to and empathise with Yeezus through that troubling time in his life. But this song, even though it's such an obvious choice, makes any sub burst with that mad bass. How anyone could ever listen to this extremely loud, and Ye's autotune is absolutely on-point

19. Devil in a New Dress

Moving into the thick of the top 20, Rick Ross honestly makes this song go from a good song to upper echelon. What I love about this song is that there's a clear theme throughout and honestly would be higher if it couldn't be regarded as one of the weaker songs on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (The perfect album). Not to mention that Ye is flawless on this song aswell whhich is a common thing on that album.

18. I'm in it

Ye's verse at the end, that is all I have to say, any rapper whom can pull off the acapella sound (Kendrick on My City, not Jay-Z ever) automatically goes higher on any favourite song list.

17. Heartless

The emotion! hits me right in the feels every time. If people, like me, knew what Kanye was going through when this song was released it would be on rotation. It's one of the ultimate break-up songs, up there with Big Seans 'I don't F**K with you' but not in the same way. One thing that always stands out on 808's is the drums and this song is no exception.

16. Can't Tell Me Nothing

The first song from Graduation to appear on the list, make of that what you want, and this one does not fail to get me hyped. If you don't scream 'WAIT TILL I GET MY MONEY RIGHT' then you're not listening to this song correctly, I remember the vibe when Ye played this song on the Watch The Throne Tour and it was crazy, you could tell this was one of the crowd favourites.

15. Good Life

And immediately after we get the second from Graduation. This is another one of those songs that you are likely to hear at a club. This is the ultimate feel-good song for me, I always listen to this when I'm happy because...welcome to the good life! And not to mention Kanye also gets the best out of the T-Pain feature, something Ye seems to do alot...

14. No Church In The Wild

The album opener from Watch The Throne is an amazing opener and many wouldn't argue it's place in my top 15 Kanye songs because Frank Ocean comes through with an amazing hook and not to mention an amazing Jay verse which pulls together with Kanye's perfectly. Just remember: Never F*ck anybody without telling Ye

13. Spaceship

College Dropout was amazing for these feel good, catchy songs with a deeper meaning. Spaceship, is an incredible song that never fails to get stuck in my head all day. Why they making Ye work that grave shift man?!

12. Hell of a Life

Another song from MBDTF, if you don't appreciate this song then we can't be friends. It's harmonic and dark, everything that this album brings in one big melting pot and it is honestly so unlucky to miss out on the top 10, but for no other reason then I just have 11 other favourites.

11. Never Let Me Down

J. Ivy absolutely nails this! His verse at the end is so fire, I know technically it is spoken word but I can listen to that on repeat for hours man! Kanye definitely had an agender with this song and I wish I know who it was aimed at, without looking at Rap Genius or anything like that. Jay-Z kills his verse aswell considering this was released during his 'retirement' from which he came back with his worst album. But it comes back to that rule, Kanye features are never poor!


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