Future - EVOL (Review)

I'm not going to lie, I don't rate Future all too highly as it is. I don't like all this trap, auto-tune singing phase that rap seems to be struggling through lately. With the exception of Travis $cott whom has an incredible ear for beats, the whole saga sounds lazy and uninterested. Now a lot of these singles can be heard everywhere and everyone will undoubtedly love some of these trap songs, I myself am guilty of it and if these artists could create albums worth of content then it would help me overcome my distaste for this phase.

Future kicks off this album unexpectedly, I would have expected to be thrown straight into a banger, but I wasn't. Instead it's a slower cut called Ain't No Time and it honestly isn't an awful song and I feel emotion come out of Future more than once in this LP presumably helped by his split from Ciara which turned out to be messy in the end. However, the norm is regained when the aptly titled In Her Mouth infects my earbuds, it's brash, misogynystic and awful. One thing that Future does that really grinds me is the repeating of bars constantly, it's like he can't write a full 16 and instead resorts to repeating the same line over and over. Which, arguably, wouldn't be as bad if the subject matter was different and alternated but instead, it's all about pussy and drugs. Much like all of his discography, yes, but it's becoming repetitive and boring.

Now, one positive is Xanny Family, this song is catchy and trippy. It has this subdued beat that if you close your eyes you can almost be in this drugged up atmosphere that I presume it was written in. But honestly, overall this LP is actually boring and that isn't something I would have expected from a Future LP as you expect banger on banger going into this but it's a lot more subdued and slower than I would have thought. Now, Future does start to bring out this emotional side at times but it's so far and few, and he quickly loses concentration on the subject. Ultimately, this album was a disappointment, not because I expected quality but because it's disappointing to see Future to take a backwards step because I know that previous albums DS2 and Honest contained so many bangers that they weren't amazing projects but they were fun. This is all 2 Chainz' fault...