Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams (Review)

Coldplay are quite simply the biggest band on the planet right now, after an exceptionally well accepted superbowl halftime show they seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. But are they getting better? That isn't as simple. Coldplay are a mixed bag, it's hard to know what sort of music they will come out with next, will it be slow or insightful or exciting and happy. Well judging by the eccentric cover art for this one you can probably guess which way the pendulum swings. The first single released from this LP was the insanely catchy Adventure of a Lifetime, this song is quite audacious by Coldplay standards and I feel that frontman Chris Martin really shines with a vocal performance on this track, which compared to the previous Ghost Stories is quite a difference. This album is almost the polar opposite of the dreary and dull Ghost Stories where Chris Martin whined on for 40 minutes. Now don't get me wrong I love albums that represent where an artist is currently in their life but this was executed poorly so even with this brash new single for this new album I was still sceptical. 
I was wrong, this album is alot more uplifting, less emotional and brings those expertise to the table that you would expect from the album. Now it isn't up there with the likes of A Rush of Blood to The Head or Mylo Xyloto but in parts it hits that exceptional high note. One of those is the Beyonce enhanced Hymn For the Weekend which starts off with Bey humming before building into this tune that if not knowing this was Coldplay would be almost unrecognisable, I enjoy the fact that Chris Martin coming back into happiness is represented perfectly because at points there are low solemn points but they are far and few. For example the aptly titled Fun featuring Tove Lo, when exploring the lyrics you may find a deeper hidden meaning but on the surface it is effectively 'having fun' and the chorus is simply looking back on a relationship (I wonder which one) and stating 'Didn't we have fun' before at the very end of the song reaching out a hand and saying 'Maybe we can again'. I like when artists leave you pondering the rest of the story to a song as long as it's done well and it certainly is here.

Now I have to say that I am a massive Coldplay and may be a little biased, looking at this album through rose-tinted glasses almost. But I can see some down points on this album, such as the needless monologue on Kaleidoscope, seemingly there to bump on the numbers on the track list. And at points on the album the songs do seem to eventually blur into one which is where Kaleidoscope comes into usefulness I suppose. However, these low points are blasted with songs such as the exceptional ballad Army of One which brings through that typical Coldplay emotion with this trippy background music building into this large chorus and it sounds absolutely fantastic.

Ultimately this album is ten times better than Ghost Stories and sits somewhat in the middle of Coldplay's discography with exceptional songs and a few downers. However, this is not to take away from this as a project and I would definitely recommend that Coldplay fans and dismissers alike give this album a spin, it's alot more fun than most Coldplay albums and is definitely worth a listen. Especially when there is very little else so far in 2016.