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Top 20 J. Cole Songs: 10-1

If you haven't already read my 20-11 list of J. Cole songs then you should probably check that out before going forward. As per with the last set of songs, only records from his studio albums will be included and nothing from compilations either such as the revenge of the dreamers (Which is excellent, you should definitely check it out). So to kick us off at number 10!
10. A Tale of 2 Citiez
I love this song, it has a great subject and I feel that Cole really delves into the song and immerses himself. Once again, the beat is completely laid back and really merges with the song, which on the downside could make it sound really forgettable but on the plus side, a brilliant song to kick off the top 10.
9. No Role Modelz
'Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved' if I could count the amount of times I saw this on twitter whilst the album was still hot off the press. But the album has a great story about how girls who move to Hollywood get taken advantage of and really l…

Kanye West - The Life of Pablo (Review)

Kanye West returns with his 7th studio album, The Life of Pablo, the 4th name of the album to be latex on it after So Help Me God, Swish and Waves (The latter causing a brilliant Twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa). Kanye is ever-changing his sound and has rarely ever stuck to one side of music and has never got complacent. This album is certainly a 90 degree turn again, especially after Yeezus which was far out there in terms of experimenting with sounds. But with Kanye, it rarely ever fails, the album will inevitably be critically acclaimed and his fans will love it no matter what.

But the sound of TLOP shocked me somewhat, as I sat in the cinema for the screening of Yeezy Season 3/The Album I started to feel this was just a washed down/soulful Yeezus. But then you start to really listen deep and there's a part of Kanye's soul in every one of these songs, Nori and Saint are name dropped a few times as is Kim K, although none of these are particularly loving towards his wife. The…

Top 20 J. Cole Songs: 20-11

J. Cole has to be one of the most successful rapper out at the moment, with 2014 Forest Hills Drive being the first rap album to go platinum without any features I think it shows just how far he has come as a rapper, and how he has found his way into becoming one of my favourite artists. J. Cole has come under criticism for being 'corny' and 'boring' but these are only coming from people whom think Young Thug is real hip-hop and they just aren't accurate descriptions of J. Cole's music at all. To start of the top 20 list I must use the ruling to only include studio albums, therefore removing compilations, mixtapes and features. Only songs off Cole World: The Sideline Story, Born Sinner aand 2014 Forest Hills Drive will be included, to get us under way at number 20:

20. Hello
Hello is just one of those songs where you expect it to pick up, yet it never really gets going. However, the oversense of emotion in this song and the simplistic beat really adds towards t…

Grimes - Art Angels (Review)

Grimes, for me, is one of those artists whom you always intend to listen to but never actually get round to doing so. I've seen all the previous critical acclaim for Grimes and I've read other incredibly positive reviews for not only this album but her previous album Visions which was nominated for quite a few awards. So, finally I got around to listening to Grimes and I'm just not sure if it was what I was expecting or not.

The first track, Laughing and Not Being Normal is pretty much an instrumental but it's fun and poppy and we finally get to hear Grimes towards the end of the song wherein she presents this beautifully simplistic voice and I discover that she is a genuine joy to listen to, a little hard to get into at first, but eventually it grows on you. Now the track Scream, I have no idea what this is or what language it is in, I would hazard a guess at Korean, but it is awful and literally unlistenable. I'm not entirely sure why this song was included or w…

Future - EVOL (Review)

I'm not going to lie, I don't rate Future all too highly as it is. I don't like all this trap, auto-tune singing phase that rap seems to be struggling through lately. With the exception of Travis $cott whom has an incredible ear for beats, the whole saga sounds lazy and uninterested. Now a lot of these singles can be heard everywhere and everyone will undoubtedly love some of these trap songs, I myself am guilty of it and if these artists could create albums worth of content then it would help me overcome my distaste for this phase.

Future kicks off this album unexpectedly, I would have expected to be thrown straight into a banger, but I wasn't. Instead it's a slower cut called Ain't No Time and it honestly isn't an awful song and I feel emotion come out of Future more than once in this LP presumably helped by his split from Ciara which turned out to be messy in the end. However, the norm is regained when the aptly titled In Her Mouth infects my earbuds, i…

Wiz Khalifa - Khalifa (Review)

The Philadelphia rapper is back for another jab at making a hit studio album after his sales have slowly declined since the incredibly famous Rolling Papers which contained the unequalled bangers Black & Yellow and Roll Up, I guarantee everyone knows the words to at least one of them. Khalifa's 5th solo studio album comes at a time where he's starting to fade further into nothingness in terms of popularity within the rap universe. Fresh off an extremely exhilarating Twitter beef with Kanye (Kanye Won just saying) it seems a new album couldn't come at a more marketable time for either of them.

However, this album is quite frankly the worst album I've heard this year so far. There aren't many positives that come along with this album, one has to be the incredibly cute talk with his son at the end of Zoney but unfortunately it's at the end of the song and honestly I won't be listening again. I've always stuck by Wiz, hoping he can make something on th…

Top 25 Kanye Songs: 10-1

Hopefully, you've read 25-11 before coming here. If you haven't go check that out before reading forward! But to finish this off we will go through my top 10 Kanye songs in anticipation of his new album next week! So, without further ado here is number 10:

10. Blood on the Leaves

This song is absolutely mental, when that beat hits I just want to spaz, I loved the direction of Yeezus. I love to see a progression from artists and I also love to see them doing whatever they want and Kanye did that on this album. Now this song contains the perfect sample and Kanye's ear for beats is simply amazing as per. Perfection and the best song on the album by far. Although, a little stronger subject matter, or a better processed matter would have helped this move up the list.
9. Dark Fantasy

Not even the last MBDTF song on this list, but what an opener. Arguably one of my favourite album openers of all time simply due to the fact that it is harmonic, and relatively less dark than the res…

Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams (Review)

Coldplay are quite simply the biggest band on the planet right now, after an exceptionally well accepted superbowl halftime show they seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. But are they getting better? That isn't as simple. Coldplay are a mixed bag, it's hard to know what sort of music they will come out with next, will it be slow or insightful or exciting and happy. Well judging by the eccentric cover art for this one you can probably guess which way the pendulum swings. The first single released from this LP was the insanely catchy Adventure of a Lifetime, this song is quite audacious by Coldplay standards and I feel that frontman Chris Martin really shines with a vocal performance on this track, which compared to the previous Ghost Stories is quite a difference. This album is almost the polar opposite of the dreary and dull Ghost Stories where Chris Martin whined on for 40 minutes. Now don't get me wrong I love albums that represent where an artist is currently in the…